Air Duct Cleaning

A little-known fact for many is that the air inside homes can actually be much worse than it is outside.  In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that if the air ducts are not cleaned, the air inside your home can quickly worsen.  And you’re not the only one with this problem.  Bad indoor air quality is listed as one of the top five health concerns in the United States! 

The air ducts in your home are part of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) unit.  Occasionally, the ducts get dirty and need to be cleaned.  If environmental factors are reducing the quality of your home’s air, you will probably need to have your vents cleaned more frequently.

If you or others in your home are more vulnerable to the negative health effects of breathing in contaminated air, it’s especially important to contact us for a professional air duct cleaning service for your home.

Dangers of Poor Air Quality

On a given day, contaminants can cycle through air vents upwards of five times.  As you can imagine, that makes many allergies, including problematic dust allergies, much worse.

Even in a home without environmental pollutants, dirt and grime accumulate in the air ducts, and you will ultimately have to have them cleaned.

If you notice more often that you’re suffering from allergy-like symptoms or respiratory problems, or if you notice black lines developing along the borders of your carpets, it’s a good sign that your air ducts probably need a thorough cleaning.

Why Choose Us

To get your air ducts back into good health, we use a multi-step method of cleaning, purifying, and sanitizing them.

The process begins by testing the air ducts to make they are working properly.  Then, we thoroughly clean and sanitize the units.  Throughout the house, we make sure that every inch of the air duct system gets thoroughly cleaned.

Then, the air ducts are sanitized so that the air flowing through your house is as clean as possible. Lastly, the vent registers are re-attached.  This allows clean air to once again filter into your home.  After we’re done cleaning the vents in your home, we know you’ll be amazed at the improvement!

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