Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Having poor quality air in your home is bad enough, but having dirty air circulating through a building is much worse.  For starters, if you have a company where employees are exposed to bad air, they’ll take more sick days than if the air is clean, which is inevitably costly for your business. Visitors and guests may suffer from bad air exposure, too, which can harm your reputation.  If you have a residential unit, you might lose tenants because of poor air quality

Other Health Concerns
In addition to causing health problems, trying to keep a building going with clogged air ducts is difficult.  Ultimately, your heating and air conditioning systems will have to work harder to pull air into the building if there is grime and dirt in the air ducts.

Research from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) shows that a building can lose anywhere from 25 to 40 percent or more of its energy trying to heat and cool a building with dirty air ducts.  Furthermore, if your air ducts are dirty, the heating and cooling systems will not work as effectively, which means that you will either have to crank the heat and air conditioning more than normal or deal with air that’s not as warm or as cool as you’d like it to be.

Save Money By Using Us
To save money on your utility bills and protect the health of your employees, we highly recommend that you hire a professional air duct cleaning company like ours to get your building’s air ducts back in top shape.

The concept is similar to cleaning residential air ducts, but we use commercial-grade products and tools to get rid of debris and contaminants in the building’s air ducts.  Clearing the air ducts of a commercial space is also quite a bit trickier than it is for a small residential building, so you’ll need some expert guidance to help.

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Once we’ve thoroughly cleaned out the air ducts and reassembled the air ventilation system, you’ll be breathing cleaner, fresher air in no time.  It’s always good to have a professional come in and inspect your air ducts as recommended.  If you notice higher utility bills, a foul smell in the air, or notice that the building’s occupants start to suffer from poor health, call us to make an appointment to get your air ducts thoroughly cleaned.

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