Dryer Vent Cleaning

Each year, there are about 15,000 house fires.  About 2,000 of those fires are caused by dryers.  Most of the time, the fires are caused by a buildup of lint in the machines, not a mechanical or electrical problem with the machine itself.

Every time you wash your clothes, small bits of lint is produced.  Lint is comprised of small bits of fiber and cloth that are shed from your clothes as they are washed.  The lint clings to your clothes and ultimately travels with them to the dryer.

You might think that cleaning the lint filter in your drying machine catches all the lint produced, but that’s a false (and dangerous) assumption!

Cleaning the lint filter is really just touching on the surface of the problem.  Over time, unless you are diligent about vent cleaning, the lint accumulates and gets stuck deep in the dryer vents. 

Warning Signs of Dryer Lint Buildup

You may not always be aware that lint is accumulating deep in your dryer’s vents and ducts, but there are signs you can look for that indicate a problem.

Some warning signs that you can look for of lint blockage in the system, are whether your clothes seem warmer than usual after the dryer stops, the outside of the dryer gets unusually hot, or that your clothes don’t dry fully.  If you notice these symptoms, it’s time to give us a call to clean your dryer’s vents.

Why Choose Us

At St. Louis Duct Cleaning Pros, we have the special tools and equipment necessary to thoroughly clean your entire dryer duct and vent system to prevent a fire hazard.  While you can scrape away at the lint accumulating on the surface level, our professional team uses special hoses with long nozzles to get to the lint that is deeper in the vent.

We can also thoroughly clean and purify the vents so that the dryer can function unimpeded.  Once we’re finished, you might also choose to get an alarm installed that gives you an alert when lint is starting to accumulate in your dryer’s vents.

In addition to creating a safer living environment, cleaning out your dryer will make it more efficient, which in turn reduces your energy bills.

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If you have any concerns about the lint buildup in your dryer, or are curious what we would charge to have your dryer vents or air ducts thoroughly and professionally cleaned, give us a call today.  When we come to your house, we take the time necessary to get the job done.  When we’re done, you will be able to sleep much easier at night knowing your dryer vents are clean and safe for you and your family. Call now!

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