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At St. Louis Duct Cleaning Pros, we gladly service the entire St. Louis area with professional and trusted air duct cleaning services.

When it comes to poor air quality and a dirty ventilation system in your home, it doesn’t matter whether you live in the city or the suburbs; everyone’s house suffers from the same problems of dirty duct-work.

What Causes Dirty Air Ducts?
There are many factors leading to an increased amount of dirt, dust, or bacteria making its home in your house.

The primary factor is time. No matter how often you vacuum or sweep your house, over time the ducts in your house responsible for circulating air and blowing cold or hot air will fill up with dust. Each time you open and close your doors or windows, tiny particles make their way into your home atmosphere. As the blower in your HVAC system circulates the air, this dust makes its way through your furnace filter and lodges itself in your ducts.

Household pets are another major factor leading to increased lint and hair in your house expediting the need air duct cleaning services. Every time your pet scratches or shakes, dirt and hair fly throughout your house making their way into your ductwork. If you’ve had a pet in your house for more than a few years, it’s time to give us a call.

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